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Monday, May 2, 2011

Landmark Theatres - West Los Angeles Review

Landmark Theatres West Los Angeles
Landmark Theatres in West Los Angeles is one of the finer movie complexes in the city. The theatres are fairly new and were therefore designed to meet the needs of the modern movie goers, mainly comfortable seats, lots of arm/leg room, and the ability to choose your own seats. The screens are very large and the sound systems are excellent.

A unique concept at Landmark is the lounge environment that is available in a few of the theatres. These theaters feature about a dozen couches that fit two to three people each, giving movie goers the feeling of watching a film in the comfort of their home. There is a lot of space between the couches, so it makes for a cozy and relaxing viewing experience. However, there are a few disadvantages to these theaters. The screens are somewhat small, and the sound systems don't have the same quality as their larger theaters.

One of the main benefits at Landmark is the ample free parking on both sides of the Westside Pavilion mall complex. Even though there are a lot of spots, it gets very crowded, so arrive well before your show starts to ensure you find a space in time.

Ticket prices at Landmark Theatres are on par with most of the newer theaters in town. However, I've found that I get a much better value for my dollar here, because the theaters are more comfortable and the crowds are much more well-mannered that what I've seen at most other commercial theater complexes. The audiences skew older, so you don't get the rowdy teenage crowd that you often find at many AMC or Pacific locations in Los Angeles.

If you've never been to Landmark, check it out. It just may become your favorite L.A. movie theater too!

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